What type of explorer are you?

Destination Canada has a neat quiz you can take to see what kind of traveler you are.   Categories that would apply to folks who enjoy The Cottage in Hills and what this area has to offer:

Cultural explorer: You are a very active traveler who enjoys frequent weekend escapes. Always on the move, you immerse yourself in nature, local culture and history.

Free spirit: Something of a thrill-seeking hedonist, travel satisfies your insatiable need for the exciting and the exotic (for the extreme mountain-bikers and radical back-country skiers who love our mountains)

Gentle explorer: You like to return to past destinations and enjoy the security of familiar surroundings. You appreciate convenience, relaxation and typically look for all the comforts of home (for our repeat guests who appreciate our cozy, nicely appointed cottage)

Rejuvenator: For you, travel is a chance to totally disconnect and get away from it all (this sums it up perfectly!)

Authentic experiencer: Your travel type is something of an improv artist, exploring nature, history and culture, all on the path to personal development.

What kind of explorer are you?  Take the quiz at:  http://quiz.canada.travel/caen?partnerid=749&campaignid=&customerid=&mode=2.

Look closely.  Expect to have FUN in Hills...
Look closely. Expect to have FUN in Hills…