You say you want a revolution? We host a Tesla electric car (and its humans)

We’ve had our share of hybrids here but this past weekend we hosted our first fully-electric car, a Tesla Model S.  What a beauty — and what an intelligent car.  Driving one of these babies gives you rock-star status, cruising swiftly and silently, creating zero pollution.

The owner loves it and will NEVER have to buy gas again — imagine!  Tesla cars come with a lifetime of free power charges at super-fast charging stations strategically located on major routes.

This guest came from Calgary, flash-charged in Revelstoke, drove to the Cottage in Hills, took a day-trip to Kaslo and back to Hills, tootled around here sightseeing and going to the beach (turning heads everywhere he went — and leaving a trail of broken hearts, sorry ladies, he’s taken!).  Then home again via Revelstoke where he flash-charged for the trip over the Rogers Pass.  Pretty impressive.

While here he plugged in at the cottage porch.  It wasn’t exactly a flash-charge but overnight charging did add a measurable boost of power to the battery.  A bit of a top-up, if you will.

We are very pleased to support the electric car revolution.  Coming soon, a local project called Accelerate Kootenays will be launching a series of charging stations in this area.  When up and running, they will be added to the PlugShare app so e-car drivers can plan even more travel to our beautiful area with our twisty roads for cruising through gorgeous scenery.

E-car owners, bring on the revolution!  We LOVE this for the Kootenays.

Below: the Tesla Model S at The Cottage in Hills