Things To Do Here

Look closely... Hills in not your ordinary community
Look closely… Hills isn’t an ordinary community… we’re Funincorporated!

What’s your passion?  If it’s enjoying nature, sightseeing, hiking or mountain-biking, skiing cross-country, back-country or telemark, canoeing, fishing, kayaking, golfing, sailing or swimming… if it’s playing tennis or simply lazing on a beach with a picnic, a trashy novel and a world-class view… the Slocan Valley is the place for you.

This is the Valley of Parks.  The Cottage in Hills is near:

  • Valhalla Provincial Park
  • Goat Range Provincial Park (home of the rare white Grizzly)
  • Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park
  • Summit Lake Provincial Park and
  • Rosebery Provincial Park

The quaint villages of New Denver and Silverton are 15/20 minutes away respectively.  The best beach at the north end of Slocan Lake is less than 3 minutes away (by vehicle) or a 12 to 15-minute walk one-way.
The Cottage has a collection of local guidebooks and maps and the manager can help you plan great outings.  There are many hikes you can do right from your Cottage door… be sure to ask for directions to our waterfall.

Highly recommended activities in Hills:

  1. Walk to the lake from the Cottage or drive to the nearest beach in less than 3 minutes
  2. Walk to our secret waterfall (right from your front door)
  3. Hike or ride the rail-trail along Slocan Lake
  4. Go mountain-biking on your choice of awesome local trails
  5. Visit Chiaroscuro Photographic Gallery (yes, right here in Hills, on Reiben Road) to see fine art photography by local luminary Patrizia Menton and admire her exquisite yard and flower gardens
  6. See the swans in Bonanza Marsh
  7. Kayak, canoe, sail or paddleboard on Slocan Lake
  8. Whack some tennis balls at the top-secret Hills tennis court (we’ll tell you how to find it)
  9. Finish every day with a refreshing swim in Slocan Lake

Fun things to do (within a 15-minute to 45-minute drive from The Cottage in Hills):

  1. Enjoy alpine wildflowers at the top of Idaho Peak and a breathtaking 360-degree view of the Slocan Valley
  2. Soak your cares away in the clean and serene Nakusp Hot Springs
  3. Poke around New Denver including a visit to the museum and funky local shops, buy some cool duds at Raven’s Nest and you’ll blend right in with the locals
  4. Enjoy a great cuppa coffee and a tasty breakfast bagel in The Apple Tree garden
  5. Leap off the rocks at Bannock Point into Slocan Lake’s deliciously cool, clean waters… and while you’re there, search the rocky shoreline for ancient rock art
  6. Devour a homemade peach pie purchased at the charming New Denver Friday Market (get there in the morning for the freshest produce)
  7. Hike the Whitewater Trail where you could (safely) see a mother grizzly with cubs
  8. Walk into the past at Sandon.  It’s now a ghost town but at the turn of the century (1900) it was a rip-snortin’ mining town
  9. Golf at the lovely New Denver golf course (visitors welcome) and have a bite in the restaurant — sit outside for a breathtaking view of Slocan Lake and the Valhalla Range

In winter:

  • We are minutes away from a world-class network of cross-country ski trails (ski from your front porch)
  • Limitless back-country opportunities for skiing and snowshoeing
  • Minutes to the Summit Lake Ski Hill (downhill and telemark skiing)
  • Soak in the serene and pristine Nakusp Hot Springs (about 35 minutes drive)
  • Go out for a meal in Nakusp or New Denver — or make your own supper at the cottage
  • Sip hot chocolate around our outdoor fireplace
  • Nestle into a rocking chair with a book in front of a crackling wood-stove,
  • Watch a movie, listen to music, play old-school board games, do a puzzle at the dining room table, or…
  • Sit and relish the blissful peace and quiet
In winter, enjoy X-C skiing and cozy evenings by the wood-stove
In winter, enjoy X-C skiing and cozy evenings by the wood-stove

This list barely scratches the surface — find out more about this gorgeous area and all the things to do here at and  The Slocan Valley area hosts the Valhalla Summer School of Music, the Sufferfest (mountain-to-mountain endurance races), and the world-famous Hills Garlic Festival enjoyed by thousands every year on the first Sunday after Labour Day in September.  Enjoy lively music, cruise the booths featuring local artisans and growers and get your year’s supply of garlic in every conceivable form – bulbs, braids, syrup, salt, chocolates, even garlic ice cream.  More on all things garlicy at:

Pre-contact Aboriginal rock art along shore of Slocan Lake

Ancient First Nations rock art along the Slocan Lake shoreline

Winter brings great snow to Hills for cross-country skiing
Winter brings great snow to Hills for cross-country skiing
Summer means canoeing or kayaking. You're 3 minutes from the lake
Summer means canoeing or kayaking. You’re only three minutes from the lake

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The road less taken.  Our gorgeous winter, with no crowds.