Rates, Dates & Booking

As of Sept. 1, 2019, the Cottage in Hills is no longer available as a vacation rental cottage.   Our lovely cottage is now rented out full-time (previous visitors who loved it so much they wanted to live there permanently).  We apologize for any inconvenience, we’ll be modifying this web-site soon to better reflect this change.  We do have  another accommodation to offer you:  a lake-view private suite (see the “Another Option: Lake View Private Suite” page on this web-site).

Lemonade (or margaritas) on the porch, anyone?

Or perhaps a campfire under the stars?

Canoeing Slocan Lake
Swimming, canoeing or kayaking: you’ll be less than 3 minutes from beautiful Slocan Lake

⇒ A note to our American friends:  the exchange rate is so favourable for you.  Use a currency calculator to see how inexpensive your Canadian vacation at The Cottage in Hills will be.

When is The Cottage in Hills available?  Nights that are already booked are noted on the calendar below.  If there is nothing written in the square for a given date (or it says “Available”) then that night is available.  When you fill in the contact form below, please specify the dates you would like for your stay and let us know of any special needs.

This way to The Cottage in Hills