Here is what guests have to say about The Cottage in Hills  (comments from our guest book, emails, and posts from guests) …

13 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. “The ideal retreat from busy life – serene and secluded – lovely décor and practical accessories make this getaway complete for a restful holiday. I enjoyed my stay very much.”


  2. “Secluded, quiet, comfortable… I loved the view of the mountains from the front porch.”


  3. “We thoroughly enjoyed the Cottage in Hills. The beautiful garden areas provided peace, beauty and tranquillity and attracted butterflies and hummingbirds. The front porch provided a balance of shade and light; perfect for enjoying meals outside. We loved sitting in the area that got the first morning sun where we enjoyed our morning coffee amongst the flowers. The Cottage in Hills stays cool throughout the summer days and is well designed for comfort. We enjoyed walks down to Slocan Lake followed by a refreshing dip. We have many fond memories of our stay in the Cottage in Hills.”


  4. It’s lovely! A secluded place to calm your soul. Take a little walk to see the contented, well-mannered chickens (and at times, fluffy baby chicks) at Lorna’s “Fowlty Towers” chicken emporium — far enough from the Cottage that you don’t see or hear them but close enough to visit if you feel like it. Get the freshest eggs you’ve ever had for your morning breakfast for only $5 dozen. This place is truly a country idyll.


  5. “My job is stressful; sometimes I need a break. When I’m due for some “me time” there is nothing more rejuvenating than a stay in the country at this beautiful, quiet place in Hills, BC. I can’t wait to get back there.”


  6. “I was just looking at the pictures I took from last year and I know how beautiful it is over there but wowwwww when I saw the pictures again I was totally stunned. Now I’m missing it even more and the only thing I want is to go back to a beautiful country with mountains and lakes (I’m from Holland where it is totally flat). I loved staying at your place and can’t wait to come back.”


  7. “Wonderful, quaint, peaceful getaway. First night we enjoyed a doe and fawn on the front lawn, along with lovely rabbits running about. The view of the mountains is like no other. An artist’s dream! The cottage itself is so well equipped, we learned we had over-packed!!! Fresh coffee beans, fresh farm eggs – wonderful! The cottage is very well decorated and exceptionally clean. The morning we left we enjoyed a young, healthy buck in the front yard, pondering who we were ! The grounds are wonderful, the pictures are true to the cottage. We will definitely look forward to going back.”


  8. We had a wonderful time, the cottage is well situated to enjoy the ample hiking, swimming, white water rafting, ziplining,etc in the area. Lorna was a gracious host, the Cottage in Hills is an excellent place to enjoy your time away, to unwind and take in what BC has to offer. We will come back.


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