The cabin is no longer a vacation rental BUT we have something else to offer: a Lake-View Cozy Nest!

Comfy pillow-top bed in Lake-View Cozy Nest guest suite

September 1st has come and gone and the cabin is no longer a vacation rental.

I no longer have the cabin to offer to great families so you can come and stay with us for your summer vacation. But this evolution was necessary: we simply don’t have a year-round tourism industry in this area and the cabin sat empty for many winter months. Which was a shame, in an area with a real housing crisis. Eventually, we felt duty-bound to provide it as a full-time home for some deserving folks.

Sorry vacationers, the cabin is no longer available for short-term rental… BUT we do have a lovely consolation prize: our lovely “Lake-View Cozy Nest” lake-view guest suite.  It can be easily booked through

With my thanks for your patronage over the years… your host, Lorna

Join Lorna for a “fowlty” experience

<a href=”http://

” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Airbnb Experience

As an experiment, I’ve signed up to provide an Airbnb “Experience” — providing a one-hour tour to meet my lovely hens and roosters, gather eggs in the coop, learn about all things fowlty, pet some chicks (when we have chicks, they grow up quickly!) and leave with a carton of eggs you’ve gathered yourself.
A great outing for a family, wonderful for kids to see where real food comes from.
Maximum six people per group, minimum age three years. Wear boots or closed-toe shoes, be prepared to get your shoes dirty. Check it out on Airbnb.

Stay in a Lake-View Cozy Nest

The private Lake-View Cozy Nest guest room is located on the same beautiful rural property as the Cottage in Hills — an option for a single person or a couple looking for a place to stay.

We no longer operate our cabin as a vacation rental (we used to offer a fully-outfitted 1300-sq-foot cabin).

The Lake-View Cozy Nest is available for one-night stays whereas the cabin had minimum-stay requirements ranging from 2 to 4 nights depending on the time of year.  So, now you have more flexibility.


  • Private entrance, located in a separate part of the dwelling for complete privacy
  • Your own private flagstone patio with a view of Slocan Lake
  • Double bed with pillow-top mattress and high-quality sheets
  • En-suite bathroom with sink and toilet
  • Reading chair (recliner) and a good light, a small desk and a chair, and a place to hang your clothes, chest of drawers
  • Tea/coffee tray so you can make a cuppa anytime
  • Microwave oven for heating up a snack
  • Free wi-fi and decent cell service

The room is comfortable for one or two people (2 guests maximum occupancy).  No pets, no smoking indoors (you may smoke on the patio), no parties.

The guest room is listed on, we are handling bookings using that platform.  Or you can inquire here using the response form on this web-site: please specify that your inquiry is regarding the Lake-View Cozy Nest guest room.

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Love bears? A shout-out to colleagues at Ocean Adventures Charter Co.

A big shout-out to our colleagues at Ocean Adventures Charter company.  Our dear friends Eric and Trish run this amazing operation from their 54-foot ship, the Great Bear II.  Their coastal trips are utterly deluxe and offer unparalleled comfort and privacy to experience B.C.’s most remote and spectacular settings.  On their ocean voyages guests may see whales, dolphin, bears (including grizzlies and possibly the rare white spirit bear), all manner of seals and other marine mammals, and the amazing biodiversity of BC’s rich coastal areas.

They are also passionate conservationists, advocates for bears of all types… and all-round amazing people.  They were recently instrumental in convincing the BC government to finally heed massive public outcry and ban the hunting of grizzly bears.  This is a huge stride forward for the conservation of these majestic (and endangered) creatures, and this little guy, for one, thanks them!

Photo by Trish Boyum

Drool over the amazing photos on their web-site:  and get in touch with them about their amazing trips.



Hobbits? Perhaps.

Thanks to recent guest Ron J. and his lovely partner for dashing off this charming poem.  They obviously enjoyed their stay at The Cottage in Hills!

The Cottage in Hills

We came upon a cabin
Tucked in a forest glade
Within, a magic comfort
Like Hobbits would have made.
A couple days of serene rest
And on again we tracked,
With longing wishes that some day
Would see us coming back.

  • Composed at The Cottage in Hills, Oct. 3, 2017

You say you want a revolution? We host a Tesla electric car (and its humans)

We’ve had our share of hybrids here but this past weekend we hosted our first fully-electric car, a Tesla Model S.  What a beauty — and what an intelligent car.  Driving one of these babies gives you rock-star status, cruising swiftly and silently, creating zero pollution.

The owner loves it and will NEVER have to buy gas again — imagine!  Tesla cars come with a lifetime of free power charges at super-fast charging stations strategically located on major routes.

This guest came from Calgary, flash-charged in Revelstoke, drove to the Cottage in Hills, took a day-trip to Kaslo and back to Hills, tootled around here sightseeing and going to the beach (turning heads everywhere he went — and leaving a trail of broken hearts, sorry ladies, he’s taken!).  Then home again via Revelstoke where he flash-charged for the trip over the Rogers Pass.  Pretty impressive.

While here he plugged in at the cottage porch.  It wasn’t exactly a flash-charge but overnight charging did add a measurable boost of power to the battery.  A bit of a top-up, if you will.

We are very pleased to support the electric car revolution.  Coming soon, a local project called Accelerate Kootenays will be launching a series of charging stations in this area.  When up and running, they will be added to the PlugShare app so e-car drivers can plan even more travel to our beautiful area with our twisty roads for cruising through gorgeous scenery.

E-car owners, bring on the revolution!  We LOVE this for the Kootenays.

Below: the Tesla Model S at The Cottage in Hills